Sosk features

Real time monitoring of all your network paths

Check all your network paths. From everywhere.

Once your probes are spread over your network you can start to setup checks. You can ask your probes to "ping" to each other, "ping" your datacenter, retrieve the CRM homepage, check your latency with Google, Salesforce or other SaaS provider which is critical for your business.

Unified interface Easy !

Sosk manager is a full features Cloud-hosted friendly interface. It allows you manage your probes, check your metrics, enjoy your dashboards. Account and billing management are at the same place. Futhermore, the manager is fast and responsive for an usage everytime and everywhere.

Simulate your business usage. Rich monitoring.

Sosk probes are able to simulate a large variety of network usages : ping, HTTP, HTTPS, with/without proxy, iPerf load test, voice call over RTP, one-way delay with OWAMP. Check documentation for more details.

Easy to read Dashboards

Every metric collected by Sosk probes are available in easy to read matrix. You can quickly figure out what goes wrong. These dashboards are made to provide a full network health status at a glance, even for non-technical audiences.

Sosk is an active network measurement technology. Each probe schedules the checks, collects the metrics and sends it out to your storage tenant in the Cloud. All management flows are exclusively HTTPS.

Fell free to deploy 1000+ probes if your network is large enough. You can schedule your checks as quick as 1 minute cycle. Data is stored with a precision of 1-second. We keep your data for 3 years in case you need it.

Keep your network under control


Your Sosk manager is available instantly after your account creation.


From 1 to 1000+ probes with the same tool. Scale-up or scale-down within minutes.

Unified interface

Your Sosk web manager can be accessed from everywhere, everytime with any devices.

Probes billing

Only active probes are billed. We do not charge for hot standby probes.

Try it for free

Our Sosk free plan allows you to test all of the features without time-limit before your deploy.


We are proud to make our modified versions of free software available to community. See our FLOSS testimony