Use cases

What can Sosk do for you today ?

Troubleshoot network issues

Figure out where the problem is exactly

By running "ping" checks from several locations in your network, Sosk helps you to figure out if an issue affects all the parts of your network. Moreover with checks to a large variety of targets (your datacenter, your headquarters etc) Sosk show you which network paths are involved in the issue. It dramatically speeds up your work of troubleshooting because all the checks you would have done by hand are already available : the probes have already checked the paths and pushed the results.

Deal with ephemeral issues

Each test, from each probe is pushed to your Cloud tenant. You can go back in time to analyze a network issue which occured several weeks before. You can then compare your metrics with past values. Sosk allows you to known at which date an issue began. Did your ISP change a setting at this particuliar time ? Is this the time chosen by Sysadmin for their monster-allday-backup ? Now you know.

Plan your VoIP deployment

With Sosk you can setup checks that reproduce VoIP network usages. For example the G711-test generates burst of 10 UDP packets of 80 byes long with a 80 ms interval. Just like a real G711 RTP flow. You can choose the UDP ports in use to test a QoS policy without even using an IP phone.

Check Cloud provider

Choose the right one

While choosing your next cloud provider you need to know how well your network will perform with each of them. You may have a good "peering" with Google in the US, but what about your offices in Brazil ? Is Amazon also performant in Australia ? With a Sosk probe in each branch office, you can check the speed and reliability of several Cloud providers. Just use the bundled test dedicated to each of them.

Follow your changes

Everyday your network team is making changes on network topology, switches configurations, QoS policy etc. Sometimes it is also your ISP or broadband operator that has to make changes. With Sosk you can check in realtime any regression in network performance that may occurs after such a change. Did your users notice a slow-down in network operations ? Just check your dashboard. You will now the exact time of the change.