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From 1 to 1000+ probes with the same tool. Scale-up or scale-down within minutes.

Sosk is an active network measurement technology. Each probe schedules the checks, collects the metrics and sends it out to your storage tenant in the Cloud. All management flows are exclusively HTTPS.

Ease of deployment Fast & easy !

Sosk allows you to use your own network probes based on the successful Raspberry Pi. Just buy your Pis where you like and start Sosk up with our easy Quick Start Tutorial !

Fully managed. 100% cloud !

Once installed, your probes join your dedicated Sosk instance. Probes management is 100% done via your graphical instance manager, while collected data are push to the cloud for storage, analysis and presentation.

You can use Sosk to monitor

Public Internet

Sosk allows you to measure your customers experience regarding the ISP involved, the originating country or the type of connectivity (cable, wireless, celular etc). You can enhance your Internet connectivity with a perfect knownledge of the issues that need your attention.

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Large MPLS network

A large private network connects your branch office, your headquarters and your datacenters. Sosk checks your end-users experience for each office, even at the far edge of the network. It allows you to quickly react to localized or short network issues which could not be seen by other means.

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Datacenter network

Datacenter networks are designed with high performances in mind. How does your network behave With a growing workload or with design modifiations ? Sosk will check every paths of the datacenter, from one end to the other to ensure there is no regression in performances.

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Campus LAN

Campus network are often design in several layers : core, distribution and access networks. This fast-spreading type of network is notoriously difficult to manage because of the variety of issues that may occur : link loss, spanning-tree mis-configuration, network loop etc. Sosk allows you to quickly find faulty part of the network to minimize downtime.

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